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The Kevin Boyle Foundation was
created in
1999, in memory of a
loving, creative man
who passed
away from cancer at the age of
This memorial foundation honors

Kevin’s true spirit of grace, generosity,
love of family. All funds raised
go directly
to support the needs of
children and their
families at the
Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia (CHOP).


The Kevin Boyle Foundation helps
families l
osing a child to a terminal
illness. At such
heartbreaking times,
we seek to alleviate
some of the
financial burdens faced by these

CHOP families. For the majority of
families, financial stress becomes
at a time when the only focus
should be family.
These parents
generally leave work to stay
with their
child, either in the hospital or at
In addition, many of these parents are

single parents, and the financial and
stresses are even greater. 
The money raised
by the Kevin Boyle
Foundation does not
go toward any
hospital expenses but is used
by the families. 


How Kevin Boyle Foundation Works
Children’s Hospital social workers,
working intimately with the children and
families, let us know when there is an
immediate need with which we can help. 
Thus far, the Kevin Boyle Foundation
has donated over $90,000 to the
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Support We've Provided

*      Mobile beds to enable children to leave the hospital and return home

*      Babysitting of siblings to give parents more time with sick children

*      Various electronics and games for the entertainment of homebound children

*      Books and music CDs and DVDs

*      Purchase of any “wishlist” items

*      Car insurance and car payments to allow parents to travel to the hospital

*      Mortgage payments and other monthly bills

*      Holiday and Birthday gifts

*      Funeral funding


*      KBF Tennis Tournaments

*      KBF March Madness Beef & Beers

*      Drexel Hill MS Walkathons

*   KB Hoops 3-on-3 Basketball Tournaments

*      Sponsored Marathoners

*      Benefit Concerts

*      Individual Donations

A Poem by Kevin
for Children's Hospital

Get to it now, go on
there is love to be given
and love to be felt in giving
the love we have been given to give. 

Hustle up, now, let’s go
touch a child, touch a mother
with flesh or smile, sister, brother
do some true good deed for another.