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A Poet's Dozen 
A Friendship Secret From The World
Yellow and Blue
Needle In A Haystack
Tabula Rasa
Eternity Passes Thru Friendships Like Secrets Thru A Dream
Timeless Moon
At One With The Stars
You, Me, And The Two Of Us

Another Poet's Dozen
But Enough of Us
And Woman What Is She?
The Next God
This Noon Of Our Lives
Dulcere!  Dulcere!
Mother's Day, 1996


"Since my dear soul was mistress of her choice
And could of men distinguish her election,
Sh'hath seal'd thee for herself."  WS

We Have A Friendship Secret From The World 

It is sunset in the spring and I chant homage to a man I cannot see
Because I am alone on a slanting panting hillside in some ephemeral spring,
And though trepidation and timidity hue the color of my ring
To the hour I bring a courage the world has never seen. 

It is sunset in the spring, so I am aware of eternity
Changing colors, and the scent of coming rain
As it relates to pain.  There is beauty in seeing truth unfurled.
We have a friendship secret from the world. 

It is sunset in the spring, and I bid you remember our ineffable love
Every sunset every spring forever.  And when you do, bring enough
Passion to the moment as two men can share, whether you are curled
About the scene by yourself or with another, and remember the ecco
across time by your trembling brother: 

We Have A Friendship Secret From The World

Yellow And Blue

Now, let us get down to business.  I love you
Like a yellow daffodil loves the brown earth
And the blue sky loves the white clouds
But for the life of me I could never figure out
How yellow could be your favorite color
Until now.   

Now I have seen the yellow flower blossoming first in springtime
Flaring like a god against the green, harkening and beckoning like a woman
Who has come to make a man see what beauty should be seen.
Now I know what you mean. 

I love pure azure more than the golden sandgrains of the shore,
More than the golden sandgrains love the shore, I love azure
And the difference between yellow and blue is the difference between me and you
And no one can say that one is more beautiful than the other. 

You and I are dutiful to ourselves, and we know what that means.
Mix yellow and blue and you make green.

Needle In A Haystack

We dident ping the frad because we dident have to.  Nothen proves nothen.
Even your sneezing--it culdave been a cold you got from moven between the cold box and the rain for 18 hours, wearing shorts, or it culdave bin allergies in what they used to call Spring---
Even your sneezing proves nothen proves nothen.
The Delni sourcen the Dempr holden the cable hangen from the paperclip
in that closet on the 5th floor mightave bin the problem,
but the router off the tap mighta bin in consort.
All I know iswe did some serious thinken.
Even then, we did some mildly deleterious drinken.
Nothen proves nothen. 
Except, I think some things prove somethen.
What do you think?   

You emailed, I poemed,
It's all new to the world.
And yet it is the same.  It is all the same.
And yet it is different.  It is all different.
And it is all the same. God bless you for the road.
God Bless You For The Road, My Brother,
God Bless You For The Road...
Reply enabled.  Reply intuited.  Transceivers abound omnipresently...dotcom.  Stop.
Time is not what we thought it was, or at least not what they thought it was.
I never thought it was anything.
It was somethen when we were. 
It will be what it was, just as it is what it is.
Everything comes back.  Time runs out.  Knowledge?
We don't even know if we found that needle in the haystack.

Tabula Rasa
, And The Light Shows

I erase my soul, and what my soul erases
Is a hieroglyphic covering of a secret I cannot confess.
And lo, yo, O who among us does not know
That painful love we feel but cannot show?

~~At this moment in time
cacophonous human existence
Dictates rapid and frequent changes
In voices, forms, laws and rhyme~~
But having come under control amid the chaos, we know
The pace humanity takes; what is hidden, what revealed;
And whether or not a reason has any value.  This is who we are.
There's no such thing as time, and the painful love we feel, we show.
Forget all obligations but to ourselves.
Then will that to which we cling be ready
To fulfill its obligation to itself
In a manner worthy of GOD.
Now that there is some semblance of control amid the chaos,
Come let us be comfortable with our destiny, with our fate.
Sometimes I hate oblivious worlds.  So come, let us be livious.
Let us believe in ourselves and in the fulfillment of our dream.


My tongue is out and I am
Drunk on life and stoned on death
And it is all the same.
The same is true over and over again
I love you, your generosity ceaselessly astonishes a generous man,
At 2 a.m., EST, summer, circa tenthousand, mood upon me
A form is developing, form develops,
and we develop form and when we create form
We create beauty, we serve god, we structure the truth of the age.
I don't believe in time anymore, but I know that I will die.
Someone already said what I thought in that kernel of space,
but with a different tune.
Stay with me now.  On and on we go, and where she stops, nobody knows
Unless they know the hidden meanings
I travel long hours thru the night,
like a knight on horseback across the countryside,
So do not wonder why I am so weary in the early morning,
But wonder where I was.
So many eternal nights of fiery black truth that
I cannot see it close or in the distance,
O no you cannot see it either from where you stand
because nobody can see it from
Anywhere it is invisible, inaudible, insmellable,
intasteable, intouchable, ineffable
Let it go where it may.  Let it go where it will.  It will go where it should.
Just don't let me lose myself--to anger and frustration, to no sense of self--
Let your favors to me equal my favors to you—let us live, brother to brother

Eternity Passes Thru Friendships Like Secrets Thru A Dream

I dont got no time to be sentimental right now.

Nor is this the business hour.
I just want to reminisce, and howl
Sweetbejesus to the moon like an owl
Perched alone on an elm. 

How Willm Blake illuminated the world watershedded my week, too.

Again some corner of my conscience tells me I should go to bed, cause it is 3:30 a.m.
But another, heavier side says that then I could not write to you.
Strength wins.

I'm dizzy with our love--of course, I'm only going on instinct, cuz that's all I know

But I know the truth when I digest it.

I swallow my ego, in the morning I shit out my dreams—

Know your self thru death.

When I die, remember me

And the forms I sought to create
And the forms I admired
And the Form I thought was God 

And that the Form I thought was GOD was a Goddess
who governs us one and all.

So fare you well, you, listen to the punctuation in the sound of the brook,
The creek, the stream, the river, the pond, the lake, and the sea,
And you will glean what I mean when across nonexistent time I scream 

Friendship passes thru eternity like secrets thru a dream.


In the end
Nothing matters but the air. 

What binds? what separates? what governs?
That's the only thing that matters, and it's fluid,
Like the flow of woman, like the flow of man. 

Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus
There is you, there is me, and there is us.
There is, there is it, "It itself it," O there is God,
And GOD is made of fire. 

Man has only such form as is given him,
Can speak only as his nature allows.
Deus sive Natur. 

In the end what you think is your world
Is nothing more than your world.
Expanding worlds is the key. 

Humanity, culture, family, self,
This is the way of which I chant,
and the way in which we live.
A way fated, by us. 

I am no numerologist, but I believe in the correspondence of things.
And it is--I can't remember, but I know it is.
Therefore I suffer love and being fleetingly
And the consciousness of the fleetingness intermingling
with eternity
rules me now. 

A man is different every day, and so is GOD,
Yet it is all the same.
What does it prove,
Our famous luck? 


There Is No Such Thing As Time To The Moon

Lunatic moon, it never stays still,
And for all my love and passion for the world
Like Venus I will never catch it. 

Half-lunacy is for the birds.  This poem is for you.

It's 1:17 a.m. and I am
Or at least it was, and if I am
To do the hour justice I must praise
The silent beauty of your noble strength—
Praise the silent beauty of your noble strength.
Silence, beauty, nobility, and strength
Are to God like yellow to the day.

And then it's after 2 and my head begins to heavy
But I love you so much I do not want the night to end.
I love you so much I do not want life to end-- 

You know what that half-moon's got to do with us?
So do I.  Do not let time interfere with Love.
Death shall not do us part.
We have a friendship secret from the world.
Your suffering is mine, mine yours,
And nobody can take that from us.
And anything the moon takes, she gives back tenthousandfold. 

Lunatic moon, it is 1:17 a.m. again
And my love has only grown.

Tonight We Are At One With The Stars 

Tonight I am at one with the stars,
And the stars are at one with me,
And if the stars are at one with me,
Then the stars are at one with you,
Because I am at one with you
And we are at one with the world. 

But enough of us.

It is time for us to go,
Yo, we gotta go.
We'll see you when you get there.
Til then, yo, listen to sounds you don't normally hear,
Guess the true voices, know them, and don't reveal all you know. 

In the name of the GOD our Mother
Creator of Love and Beauty,
And wives with nipples erect against silk, gold lingerie,
And more than the world can imagine,
Creator of All,
In the name of GOD our Father,
Man we railen holy o'er the wall, so
Goddess be with us like lust with lust--
Yo—In the name of God, let us go. 

It is time for us to go,
Yo tho there is no such thing as time
It is space for us to go,
Yo, there's the window, we gotta go, 

Beauty awaits our Love
And the winds wanna wisk us thru the shadow of the window now so
Come, let us go without worry for the world,
For we are at one with the stars
And the stars are at one with the world.
So come on, let's go,
We are at one with the stars,
And where we go, the world will follow.

You, Me, And The Two Of Us

O my God,
How can I love you so much?'
Do not laugh.  I do not kid.'  "How can I
How now Dominus out of Deus, Theus out of Zeus,
Hamlet out of Amleth, Rome out of Greece, America out of the World,
And such a love and friendship as ours out of us? 
Listen, we both know it is ineffable--but it is also effable.
The ineffable essence gives rise to the effable
Like elegies give rise to erections.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, us to us,
The electrical world con-fuses with fuses fuses
And the many voices make a tongues inaudible GOD
You know what I mean:  Claritas, Integritas, Consonantia.
Or is it, Integritas, Claritas, Consonantia. 
O quizas,Consonantia, Claritas, Integritas.
Aquinas Spinoza Heraclitus Nietzsche Whitman
Hesiod Jesus Buddha Socrates Mohammed und Beethoven--
At T minus 77 minutes you just called me.
Aint that an ilarious coincidence?  You plus me equals three:
You, me, and the two of us!  And that three being a single entity makes four? 
She is a goddess who makes love like a free whore
And I try to do the same.  It's a lesson in Love. 
"For who would bear the whips and scorns"
Of suffering without love?  I love suffering less than I love orgasms
But we love all the world the same. 
Ephemerality gives CPR to vile, dying, time.
Our strength includes knowing we are coming back,
And that strength is rooted in the past.We overcome transient time. 
Jordan jumps more than once every time he jumps.
Verses versus verses!  Ha! 
I go to her to prolong the entity of our love. 
Sustain sustenance - -
Now the sun sets, Gregory chants, birds chirp,
purple blossoms, death waits,
We understand what goes unspoken,
and the unspoken in the spoken, and what gods
And goddesses go come play labor suffer love wonder ponder brood struggle sweat And strive in our presence - -
Everything sustains.  Conviction reigns. 
I pain to tell you what I am when I am paining to tell you who I am. 
Everything changes.  I feel frantic at fleeing time, but I affirm it:  WEOVERCOMETIMEANDWEKNOWHOWTOREADSLOWLYSOWEA




But Enough Of Us 

We dream, we labor, and we love,
And the sound and the vision of the form
Terrorize us as much as they inspire our trust
In Beauty. 

Remember there is more to life than money.
I know you know that, but remember it.
Remember there is more to life than society,
And that society would not be society without each self.

I know you know that, but remember it. 
And more than remember it, abide by it,
With it, in it, thru it, in the divinity of the holy spirit,
Shelter yourself from blasphemies of weak egos
And go, go to the center of your world,
Find your God, your Truth, your Love,
And share it with the world by giving it wholly to your self. 

But enough of us. 

"Tell me of the other shapely realms of Beauty,
Sing to me of Hesiodian returns,
While the subtle world prospers
And inspires a trust inspired by the terror of beauty,
And the fat contribute fat, the lean contribute lean, planters and harvesters fruit---

And Woman What Is She?

And woman what is she?
She likes to be turned around and she wants you to do it.
And sometimes she does not like to be turned around
so she doesn't want you to do it.
Therefore she is the avatar of truth, therefore the avatar of beauty,
Therefore she is the avatar of GOD.
So we should respect her no less than anything in the world.
Forget everything else.
It is exhilarating to stand before GOD--but so what?
Push thru life like the sun thru dawn.
Burn fire thru fire, pain thru pain, pleasure thru pleasure,
Let the world fulfill itself as it should.
Enjoin her, join her, let fate fuse, let fate ring,
Ping the frad, fring the pad, fling the sad out the fricken window
Forget everything but beauty, fate, destiny, truth, goddesses, love,
And woman, who wants the world's intent to be fulfilled,
Who wants to fulfill the world's intent,
Who wants to feel the world's intent,
And wants you to do it.

The Next God 

Love passes thru Beauty like wind thru the sky. 
And you and I, we who love Love and Beauty like a Goddess
Loves a God at the break of Summer day, you and I
Who stand before each hour like men at the altar of their god.
you and I
Know more than we can say. 
Where is the God who owns us truly?  Where is She?
How many lives must we wait?
I don't care what century it is, and neither does She-- 
But why does she wait?Is there something we've forgotten, some sacrifice,Some ritual, some homage, some simple prayer? 

Let this book be our prayer.

Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus
Claritas Integritas Consonantia
Dominus In Excelsius
Deus Theus Zeus
Holy Holy Holy
O O O  

Blood upon my flesh, scar across my head,
I know truths no human words can chisel
On paper or in air, I know the truth
Of pleasure making love with her despair,
So do not doubt the truth of what I say
For having been there, I shall always stay
Within the confines of her holy Love
Like Beauty thru the throes of throbbing day. 

Trust me, She comes.  It is so clear
That tho she is not yet here,
She is already here And we are her happy servants, Servants of Harmony, Daughter of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty.
By Ares, God of War.


Be you teeming, be you foaming, be you invisible, be you ubiquitous, be you clean,
We be striding through the centuries laboring to conform to your form,
We be forming for ourselves the nature of your form,
For you take many forms, but no form not given. 

Beauty, O Beauty, chant with me now,
You the silent voice, I the conduit
Both of us in love with GOD. 

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus,
Shape worlds with us, 

Throb on throb.

Goddess on God
God on Goddess 

God and Goddess
Goddess and God 

Come let us wander
Come let us react to us
And let the world watch
And let the world stststutter
And let them stammer n stutter
We o we are of the air they breathe
And they only do what god lets them. 

Praise god for yet another rain in paradise
Praise god for yet another reign in paradise
What do we care for anything in this realm? 

This is flat hard stomach waiting for a storm
and let no one tell you it's not.  we got ourow



In a quiet moment in an autumn night,
Alone and removed from the world,
As is my wont,
I pray. 

Praise God
For the beauty of this day.
Praise God for all beauty, praise God for all day. 

Praise God all day
Praise God when you do not know you are praising. 

Praise Praise Praise!  

And Thank God.
Thank God for the beauty of this day.
Thank God for all beauty and all days and thank God allways. 

Today I spent with my brother!  What more glorious joy in the world?

It infuses me so much that I think that I can speak to you, GOD,
Actually be heard by you, the Almighty. 

Thank you.

Thank you for giving me life and survival through this marvel,
This great gift, this blessedness, this this.
Thank you for this. 

Praise you for giving all you have ever given to everything.
Unfathomability's glimpses to me--I'm sorry I stutter--
Today I spent with my brother!

Thanks and Praise
Be to you, GOD, Thanks and Praise.
May we meet again and again, GOD,
That I might give my thanks and praise ad infinitum.

This Noon Of Our Lives

OK, let the day begin with sex
And let the Sun shine yellow on her sex
When we are finished, when she is finished, and I--
OK, and let the Sun shine yellow on the lime
Then the green, then the verdure, then the merger
Of Beauty and Reality enduring like the sublime
Concord of Reality and Dream, when you're really dreaming
OK, let the black coffee words spill out on the cirrus white page
Thru my gazing on the violet tinted hillside while I think of you and the fading
Of vile time weaving with the greater stranger in the air,
And we recognize the fusion necessary for eternity,
The death inherent in time. 

OK, time is over.  Let us get on with our lives.
I go now and the Sun will carry the way,
And Beauty the wing escorting Man to Man,
Love the other wing, and being overwhelmed
With the feeling one thought of you brings, I pray,
To the unnamed unsayable One
On whose fingertip one atom is the Sun:
Praise Praise Praise!!!  Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus!!!
Sunday - - Summer - - Supernaturalism - - Sex - -
OK!  OK praise you, avatar and angel! praise you!
And in my praising you, let my praise fly up to GOD
Who sources this noon of our lives.  Selah.  

Dulcere!  Dulcere! 

During gestation I dreamed,
seemingly posthumously,
in Autumn. 

"Dulcere!  Dulcere!"
Everything is sweet like golden honey! 

That is to say, I tongue the light, the light tongues me 
like tea on saturday morning
in orange autumn
yellow and orange autumn
after playing chess on friday night
with my black garbed holy brother 

tongues the flesh of the spirit
soothes soul with bliss. 

--And I see a leaf fall
from the point-of-contact,
the actual nub on the branch.-- 

Ergo, God.

I gött the Shakers in me!

Mother's Day, 1996 

Kathryn Jordan, who are you?
I do not know who you are,
but you made it into the most private book in the world.

Jim, who is she?  And what? 
And who and what are we who wonder who and what is she? 

I had a poet's dozen without her, Kath,
but I had a dozen roses, so I included her,
and the next'll be a baker's dozen ...
but your grandmother knows all about that.

Now, Jim and I are friends as no two men have ever been,
like he and Kath share secrets no one else will ever share,
but Mom, you have intuitions. 
Today you sourced your dozenth rose,
a dozen roses hath a woman spawned............ 

God Nature Love Beauty Way It Ying-Yang Being Big-Chief-In-The-Sky Harmonia,
which is to say, "A Katie Rose by any other name..." 

Kelly, your belly birthed a veritable living transformation,
an immortal twin to immortal god. 

And you, TBone, stake my heart with fire-pleasure to make me think of you, the baby,

But Dad you made all of us, like your father before you, his before him,
all the way back to Adam. 

And Daly, listen to Doyle: 
Blue Cezanne landscapes soothe a man's need for confirmation:
It is not only okay to follow your instinct, it is an obligation. 

I, e. g., love Lauren

Kathryn Jordan Boyle--can I call you Michael?-- Rose of Celebration--
You were born into a family secret.


ToeMan, what's up with the photographic memory at two years old?
I guess if you got it, you got it.  Is that what it is?  What is it?
I guess it doesn't matter what you call it.  It is what it is. 

I held you in my arms today, at your request and mine.
I've held you in my arms many times, but here's the thing about today:
It was at your request and mine, simultaneously. 

Listen, as I write this I know that you cannot understand all of it now,
And it is always true of a man that he cannot understand all of it now,
But I know that you will understand it when you are a man. 

As your uncle held you,
Your cheek against his chest,
So, too, you will hold your sibling's son. 

Look, familial love is holy and all things holy belong to GOD
And no matter who or what your God is, your God is a God of GOD
And whoever intuits that, has an advantage. 

Thomas, picture an infant in my arms,
Cheek upon my chest, relieved, comfortable, sate,
And your photographic memory might tap into a moment
Forever unknown by the world, save us. 


BriMan, why, man, are people tryen to be something that they're not?
Let me vent to you, cause we both got scars around our heads
To medal our struggle, to verify a common pain. 

How old are you now?  What year is it now?  Ah, let us leave
the insipid, vacuous world for an hour.  Come, let's go away
to a world where only you and I can visit.  Let's break off
from the biting superficiality and meaningless of their world.
Oh those wretched others! 
O those wretched others.
O, O, O!  O!  O!  O! 
When the wind passes they do not notice.
When truth changes mood, they are unattuned.
When God is watching most intensely, they do not sense it.
These things we know, these things we intuit, these things—
It hurts to be sensitive. 

Come on, Bri, you and me, let's fly away on our hearts
and go where no one can find us. 

There.  Here.  We're here.  Nobody else is here, only you and your godfather. 
Isn't it sweet to be removed from the others? 

How old are you now?  A little older than the last time I asked.
Here's some poloniusian wisdom.
Fulfill yourself with little regard for the world.
Care only for the things about which you should care.
Care about the right things, and care about the right people.
The right people are you, Thomas, Kathryn, Mom, Dad,
whoever's in your mother's belly, and concentric familial circles.
Outside that, a limited few who will occasionally change. 
Outside that, choice artists, scientists, and thinkers.
The right things to care about are your pure relationship to Nature,
behaving amid the world with grace,
and values like truth, beauty, god, love, and fate.
Fulfill yourself with regard to these people and things. 
And your world will fall into place with the world. 

Now let us go, you return to your world and I will return to mine.
And when it's time, return to this page, so together we can abandon the world again. 


There is no time for us to come apart.
Forever, forever and forever
We are together like the night and dark.
And the light that harkens in our fiery hearts
Beckons us to see with our eyes closed
Just what secrets fated futures hold
While the wind sneaks across the brook like a child. 

There is no time for us to come apart
Because time does not exist in the world
Of that which is eternal.  Therefore spark
Yourself to something valiant, noble, strong,
And beautiful, now that this frank, long song
Is done, and nothing remains but your thoughts
Bending to GOD like yellow roses to the sun.

Muse, Jim Boyle
Poet, Kevin Boyle

©Full Court Press
Philadelphia, Bo Changson, MCMXCVII 

Avec Privilege de Dieu

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