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                                                                                    A Gift
                                                                            To The Beautiful
                                                                       Ms. Lauren Newman
                                                    Given With Humble Thanks and Praise
                                                                By Her Poet and Her Friend
                                                                               Kevin Boyle


 Nobody ever Said "Get Me a Poet Quick"

Get me a poet, quick,
Ere there are no more songs
Ere hymns and psalms are gone
And God leaves us alone. 

Get me a poet, go on,
Make the call, sound the gong
Among mankind find one
Tongued with light like the sun, 

And soon, ere our fool world
Forget the beautiful word,
And truth should have no herald
And love must surge unheard

In The Beginning 

She who gave me this now sleeps
In the keep of morning dreams
From scene to scene she leaps
Thru worlds where truth but seems--
And the truth is what it seems. 

I who received this now mean
To tell her how I feel
So when she wakes she can glean
Some depth not even dreams reveal--

The truth is my love is real.
We have journeyed days and nights
Neath many beautiful skies
And shall wander more truth's lights
Til we part, and happiness cries
The truth is love never dies.

I Dropped The Moon Into Her Dreams 

The pink moon slither slunk
Slowly into unseen scenes,
Yet it stays with her, she drunk
On beautiful dreams. 

As secrets of the blue
Are revealed in degrees,
The mysteries of truth
Shade faintly all she sees. 

Moon, let her wake flooded
With hints of intuitions,
Color my beloved
With the lights of hidden suns.

Is A Fool Who Learns A Lesson, A Fool? 

I just had a thought of her full pink lips
Smiling, and the echoes of her dimples
Beneath her cheeks, where once her tears did slip
Because I had gone away.  The simple 

Is the true.  Consciousness complicates things.
Let me never do such a thing again--
Better the rare and blessed joy we sing
Than insidiousness suffering and pain. 

So should I have similarly foolish thoughts
Let me remember before I act.
The face that mirrors that sweet heart,
And as fair as she is let me be fair 

To the truth.  The simple truth is I love her
And I am only when love and I are tied together.

An Hour Before Dawn 

The morning rim is pink,
Night leaves whitening blue
Adorning air I drink
Is dangling, glistening dew 

No more to too much think
No more to doubt, but do
For who would seek the link
Between beauty and the true 

Astonished I, I blink
Every moment is new
Day comes, gray shadows sink
In the sunlight I find you

Lament Of The Elbows 

She is gone and I am so lonely
Here without her now that I must go
Be lonely now without her in a crowd. 

May pain's sound be not too loud, and though
My eye be sharp let me not criticize
Someone who fails to realize some truth
Or other, may I make him my brother
Or be kind to her as I would my lover.
Let me converse with an aged man
Loring the glory of former days.
Let me hear the stories and the lays
Of Americans, and may beauty's faceless shape
Grace the scene's periphery, sublime, and bold. 

And Lord, grant me an end seat at the bar
That I might rest my elbows as they hold
The arms that hold the hands that hold
My head when I remember why I'm there.

A Spinozan American Rose 

She is woman of a calmer God
Woman of another love, love higher
Than love that is only the primal throb
For she is subsumed in the flesh's white fire
Yet makes her passion sublime, like Apollo 
She looks like one of Aphrodite's line
For in her radiant smiles beauty shows
Itself, and in her eyes does deep love glow
But she is of the race of Christ, I find,
The Jews, who of heavenly affairs do know 
O she is woman of a calmer God
One elegant, delicate, and mature
One manifold, bountiful, bold, and pure
And if you must address her God, her Lord,
In Word, call not her God God, but Nature        

Am I a fool?
I am fighting with a beautiful woman.

I am no fool.
I just made love with beauty.

Upon Learning That We Will Not Live Together Next Year 

Dear God have mercy on my soul
When it comes out of the comfortable walls
Which hold it now. 
Mind my soul, my Lord,
When it goes into worlds where it must be
Alone amid the terror of thy open beauty 

As in a quiet clearing aside a mountain of trees
Or under vast black night's countless showering stars
Or by sensuous swirling ceaselessly sounding seas
Splashing the still ecstatic light over time's yellow shores 

For soon, my Lord, she and my soul part
And twas she who taught my soul to breathe
And twas she who gave my soul to beat
And twas she who bade my soul to start
And let me make my venture into beauty
Knowing you, thru experience, deep inside my heart

Still Wet Life, Out Of Curiosity 

Demonstrably orange range of echos,
Large by visible heavenly standards                        
          And soaring
Though I have caught the moon still
And felt the explosion of beauty           
         That recalls the past and future
And she was by my side kissing            
         With her tongue
         For the answer.
And I made answer:  The sway.
We danced the circular dance, the foray--
And moonlight lit our light soiree           
        All the blessed, corporeal way.

Blue is the wet white spring night
        Blue like day
And rising and risen are the truths. 

If ever a moment comes to a man
        O if e'er, this one did.
All the suffering I have wandered
       And all I will has been redeemed.
She and the moon shall leave and be unseen
But the memory will stay, a seed
Inside a wooden casing.

Justified Pride

Go now be happy
Aware of what you did to me.
When alone laugh aloud
Remembering what you did to me.
Be proud as a tree
Knowing you made me a man. 

And I will go humbly grateful
To you eternally,
Never forgetting the beautiful
Thing you did to me.
You taught me love, wonderful
Woman you made me man.

We Have Simmered Into Night 

We have simmered into night
And the blue light is what we have left
The dark blue essence of the flame of God
O though the trees breath various greens
And the clouds and the city pulse white
Although oncidia sit yellow in a shade
And deep red sweetheart roses wither into death
And you and I made love inside gray dusk
We have simmered into night
And the blue light is what we have left
The dark blue essence of the flame of God 

When words and eyes reminded us everything was blue
Beautiful, bountiful, clutching, touching blue
And you and I endured sublime ecstatic truth
And discovered the color of dolor
And discovered the color of love
And uncovered it and lived in it
Naked in the air of every room 
Then it was and is, I say, the timeless time
You and I were by heavenly skies suffused
And in the rhyme of hue knew everything as blue

I'll Be Back--Still Wet Life, #2 

I'll be back in another lifetime
And there will be a moist, white breeze accompanying me,
And it will make us shiver and quiver as in rhyme
As it caresses our fleshes, like a tongue 

And there will be a wide, brown river
Graced by verdant trees and lime
And the sky will throb like God
And your face will glow in the night, Egyptian, round, sublime, 

And there will be no such thing as strife
And I will gaze at the caverns of your eyes and realize
We had been here before in another life,
And all eternity is simply a return.

A Motorcycle Ride  

White, white lightning swords pierced the blue flesh of the sky,
And the sky rumbled, a little, and cried
As we made our way beside the windy river
Venturing a treacherous journey--
                                                Would we live or
Die, I thought betimes, and with each wonder I laughed
Recognizing all is controlled by fate
And we can only go on our instincts, and let
Great Nature take care of the rest. 
My stomach grasped
The round intuition that every moment is
Also a metaphor for life.  Danger's shrill thrill
Swirled electric thru my surging blood, twirling with the bliss
Of being in the clutch of beauty.
                                               By God's will
The terror and the joy dared take a higher form
As we turned home to love, the storm within the storm.

Hours On The Sand

Beclouded, sea winded
Sensuous, holy night
The moon appeareth pinked
Shrouds shear the sky faint white 

O we are hovering
Low in the air of God
There is no covering
Over love's piercing throb 

Therefore let us keep turn
Like the moon through orange
To yellow:  Let heat burn
Our entire hour's range-- 

Red moons shall show again
And the sea shall sound always--

Let Me Remember Long As I Live

Come cold December when loneliness is
And I am wandering the dark and wet
Halls of my mind, seeking some hidden bliss,
Let me find behind some stone parapet
This orange summer moon I cannot see 

It has succumbed to roaming clouds now, but she
An hour ago tapped my head from her lap
And pointed it out, wrapped in the bright clap
Of lightning above the black screaming sea
Foaming at the mouth, white eternity 

I will pick it up, rest it in my hands,
Rub it like a magical crystal ball
And summon the scene, the hour on the sands
When my lover held my dreamy head, and
The ocean bathed my contented soul

At Ocean's Edge Beguiled 

The loud, wild sea riled by a low, orange moon
            whose light always followed me,
Venus going slowly, brightly behind me--
                                                'Ah, Venus—'
And her silent silhouette against nightfall
The most beautiful thing of all.


(Life turns so sad a thing
Conscious of great, gray death
Strife burns so maddening
Noxious comes each gay breath 

O we can but endure
This beauty we are of
The brevity of love
Roams seething, blunt, and pure 

God get me to green woods
Or to the white lit sea
Goddess be who sees moods
Whore to eternity)

Sometimes I Don't Like When You're Gone 

Now this emptiness is,
Like all these insipid forms of nothingness,
Filled with the nausea of sordid consciousness. 

Yet this pulsing void has so much more inside of it
Than any other element of nothingness,
Because this is love, this, 

And I experience the absence of her presence
And it overflows, horrible sense, like vomit
Into night's abyss. 

She is gone, I am sick
And left alone to fight the black dogs of despair
With an ink filled stick which does naught but bleed my care.

Upon Learning That I Am Going To France 

O, a face so sad just should not be
Yet it is, and it could only be
Because it carries so much beauty
And only sword-silver love
Could cause such misery. 

But O no, such sorrow, such woe
Should not from such sweet pink lips glow!
Yet it does, for some soon morrow
It will kiss the heavy lips
Of a lover who must go. 

Lo, love's long sword is blunt and sharp
And each turn burns our fragile hearts.
Yet upon my words, woman, hark:
Light would not be light
If the dark were not the dark. 

So praise the hours we laid together.
Days and nights once played, play forever
And they will lead us onward, to gather
More rare stones and moments
To share later with each other.


Love and Truth
Come together in your animal thighs:
No dark doubts, no lies,
Only shadowed light on golden flesh 

And a mystery threshed by my possessed
And raging eyes
With a sense of the bittersweetest secret
Of the stir towards which they rise.

Tongues, Tongues, Tongues 

First she kissed and licked me,
Then a shower, then the wind:
Tongues upon my body
A Goddess rules the pain. 

Love breathes wish, wickedly,
And the power roams within:
Tongues upon my body
A God unfurls again. 

Words we miss sicken me
For our hour wisks a whim:
Tongues upon my body
Upon her touch, life changed.

I Have Roamed The Answer In The Night 

I tilt my head to watch the turning morn
And perk my ears to hear the chirping birds
And white summer day, like all time, comes born
Upon the air of soaring wings, another world-- 

Here is where love breathes its subtle breath
And where its moist stir rolls, where its wild loins
Rise like blossomed trees piercing the blue skies' breadth
As the fire tipped swords on which all Gods have sworn-- 

No, I shall never ask the insipid question
For I have roamed the answer in the night
And now, new dawn, joy's svelte omnipresence,
And I am gone, blessed with kisses of light--

In The End

How can I give shape to what is boundless as my Love?
I would give edge to savage, amorphous, infinite God?
Ha!  I give but a hint, a sentiment of what I'm of,
A fraction of the most beautiful moment human heart has ever trod. 

When years hence you come upon this fragment of a blissful year,
This already aged, fragile remnant of a distant year,
Let one white tear fall at what my words bid you to recall of days of old,
And drop one more for all that's lost, all that slipt thru, into Lethe's hold.

O full moon!
Tonight you hold the faces of lovers kissing

O full moon!
Now the perfectly circular culmination
Of a beautiful celebration, and I cry. 

O full moon!
I swear by you my love for Lauren will live
Beyond the hour you die.

Cover, Royal Paulonia
Paper, Hosho
Font, Prose Antique
Get Me A Poet, Quick,
Printed By Permission Of Joy Nancy Newman
All Others By Permission Of
Lauren Elizabeth Newman
2nd Edition2 ©Full Court Press
Philadelphia, Bo Changson, 1991

Avec Privilege de Dieu

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